Child care is an expense that millions of people find to be a burden. Veterans may already experience financial difficulty, with child care expenses adding to the monthly struggle. There is child care assistance for veterans, making it easier for them to afford the care that they need. The programs available can be helpful in making it possible for those with young children to be to afford child care so that they can work or attend school.


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Federal Child Care Assistance
The federal government offers child care assistance to people around the country. To qualify for the assistance, you have to meet the low-income requirements. The child care center you choose has to be approved by them in order to receive the assistance. The program is available in every state, but each one has various eligibility requirements. You can find your state online to see what their requirements are and what their application process includes.

Head Start Programs
These are early education programs that have been created to help prepare children to go to school. They will attend a daycare setting, where they will learn some basics that will help them when they start kindergarten. This program is similar to going to preschool, but the government pays for the program for those who are low income. This free learning program is available to children who are between birth and five years old. To qualify for free Head Start, you have to meet the low income requirements.

 Pre-Kindergarten Programs
Some states offer free childcare programs called Pre-Kindergarten programs, or Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK). These programs are typically open to everyone, regardless of your income. Everyone in the state gets to send their 4-year-old child to free VPK, which helps to prepare them for kindergarten. The programs are funded through the state and federal government, and aim to help prepare children for school. The VPK programs are often offered at child care centers, churches, schools, or other approved education centers. Some states allow you to apply for VPK online, while others may require you to attend a brief interview.

 Military Child Care Fee Assistance Programs
The government offers special child care assistance for veterans and active duty military members. The program will help to pay for your child care needs in your area. The eligibility requirements vary, depending on which branch of the military you were in. You can apply for the programs online.

Child Care Tax Credit
There is a tax credit you can get if you have to pay for child care. Keep track of your child care expenses throughout the year, and when you file your taxes you can use them to apply for the Child Care Tax Credit through the IRS. This credit is available for child care expenses that were spent on kids under the age of 13. You can get more information about applying for this tax credit online.