Women Veterans Of San Antonio

​​Women Veterans of San Antonio 

The fourth initiative is reminding our women Veteran members to Remember, Honor, & Teach. WVSA strives to remember our fallen heroes, honor those who serve, and teach our children about the sacrifices made by women Veterans and their families to preserve our freedoms. We will do this by taking part in Wreaths Across America. 

 2018 Remember, Honor, & Teach Goal: ($2,225)

  • Locate & Honor 50 women Veterans

  • Purchase 50 wreaths

    • Place wreaths on headstones of identified women Veterans

  • Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery

    • Occurs 3rd Sat in December


  • Wreaths Across America: $1,725 to sponsor 50 wreaths with a ‘Military Tribute Patriot Pair’.

  • Each woman Veteran buried will receive a wreath customized with a U.S. flag and a flag of their specific service.

  • A second wreath will be place at one of 1,200 cemeteries across the nation.

Honor & Teach:

  • $500 for supplies and meeting location fee​

  • Gather information about all 50 women Veterans we will remember during the Wreaths Across America.

  • We will honor these women Veterans by holding an informative class for the WVSA members and their families as to the life and history of these brave women of our history. 

This first initiative has taken place annually since 2014. The American GI Forum's Veteran's Stand Down. We have served over 400 homeless women Veterans since our involvement in this initiative began. This normally occurs on the Friday prior to Veterans Day. 

​Participating in the Stand Down not only provides WVSA members with another avenue for bonding, socializing, and networking with other community partners, but also offers homeless women Veterans a stepping stone of reconnection and camaraderie that leads to more profound service engagement and eventually into self-sufficiency.


2018 Stand Down Goal: ($3,500)

$1,000: Purchase 200 backpacks
$1,900: Purchase feminine hygiene products, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion, brushes, new underwear, wet wipes, socks, feminine itch cream, & deodorant.
$100: Purchase ziplock bags to bundle items into ‘Hygiene Kits’

We will be accepting donations all throughout the year for this event. 

   1.  Homeless Women Veterans

This third initiative is all about providing the WVSA leadership with Professional Development and Training. There are two particular training opportunities we have in mind for 2018.  

2018 Professional Development & Training Goal: ($2,500)

  •  WoVeN (Women Veterans Network): ($1,000)

    • The WoVeN program creates a sustainable network for women Veterans locally and nationally in order to enhance wellness, relationships, and connection and build a community specifically for women Veterans.

    • Addresses issues like: Transitioning, Finding Balance, Stress Relief, Healthy Living, and Making Connections

    • Cost 

      • Reserving location for duration of the 8-week program

      • Print study materials​

  • ​2018 National Women Veterans Summit: ($1,775)

    • ​​The summit will focus on the issues important to women Veterans as well as provide training and guidance to assist women and their supporters in navigating VA resources, as well as state, local, and partner resources.

    • Attendees will have opportunity to hear from the senior VA leaders, participate in breakout sessions focused on employment, mental health, entrepreneurship, military sexual trauma, reproductive health, culture change and more.

    • Money will off-set cost for the WVSA Council Members to attend this event

   4.  Remember, Honor, & Teach

   3.  Professional Development & Training

   2.  Community Service

This second initiative begins with Community Outreach. The WVSA will focus on reaching the 'forgotten' Women Veterans who are living in Retirement Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Nursing Homes.

WVSA members will locate and identify these senior women Veterans, then make monthly/quarterly visits. Our goal is to provide camaraderie, connection, and personal & meaningful interaction with these amazing women who have blazed the trails before us. 

 2018 Community Outreach Goal: ($2,500)

- Locate and identify Senior Women Veterans in need 

- Monthly/Quarterly visits to 25 Senior Women Veterans
-$100 x 25 Senior Women Veterans: Fruit baskets, books, word puzzles, games, personal items like socks, underwear, as well as warm blankets.

2018 GOALS

​​​​Serving, Honoring, & Empowering