Helping Veterans,

                        one woman at a time

Step 1:You must first be a woman Veteran or a

                 female that is still on Active Duty, in the

                 National Guard, or the Reserves

Step 2:Join our site. This is where

                 our membership is maintained.

                 -->You will receive a 3-month Trial            


Step 3:Use your Trial membership to where you    

                attend any event we have planned. Use

                this opportunity to check us out and see if

                we are what you are looking for. 

Step 4:At your first event, you must show proof

                 of service. That can be in form of:        

                 DD214, VA Card, or Retired Military ID

Step 5: After 3 months, you will then be 
                 required to pay annual dues of $25.

**NOTE: Women Veterans of San Antonio is a membership organization for Veterans. Because we only accept women Veterans we are a 501(c)(19) and not a 501(c)(3). However, anyone can like and follow us on all of our social media sites. 

How To Join the

Women Veterans of San Antonio