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Since 2014, the Women Veterans of San Antonio has walked in the San Antonio Veterans Day Parade. Our goal is to bring awareness to the community that 'Women Are Veterans Too.'  Simply walking in the parade achieves that goal. Each year, as we walk down the streets of San Antonio, we can see the physical change on the faces of the community viewing the parade. What starts as complacency, quickly turns to awe, wonder, appreciation, and finally gratitude as the community gets to their feet and proudly claps for us women Veterans as we walk by. 

The Stand Down provides homeless Veterans access to the services of more than 50 community agencies that provide medical and dental services, hot food, clothing, medical exams, flu shots, haircuts, a community court, and a variety of supplies and information. Most of the services provided at the Stand Down are focused on the male Veteran. There are little to no resources, clothing, or hygiene items provided to the homeless women Veterans in attendance.

​The  WVSA provides hygiene items, individually sized bras and underwear, as well as supplies specific to the needs of women Veterans. Participating in the Stand Down not only provides WVSA members with another avenue for bonding, socializing, and networking with other community partners, but also offers homeless women Veterans a stepping stone of reconnection and camaraderie that leads to more profound service engagement and eventually into self-sufficiency.

The ​WVSA has participated in every Stand Down since 2014. We conduct our largest fundraisers (hygiene drives) of the year in preparation for this event. We hold Hygiene Drives twice a year in order to be able to give back to our sisters-in-arms who have fallen on difficult times. 

Since taking part in the Stand Down, we have served over 400 homeless women Veterans within our community. Each year, unfortunately we see more and more homeless women Veterans at each Stand Down event. We will continue to support our fellow women Veterans. 

Since 2015, WVSA has donated individualized Christmas Stockings to each child at the New Beginnings Children's Home. We receive the names, genders, ages, and likes of the children from the NBCH staff then coordinate at time in which the WVSA and the NBCH staff meet. 

This is an event that we really look forward to each year. 

Part of our mission is to volunteer and give back to the Veteran Community.   We currently do this in the following ways: 

We volunteer once a month at the Salvation Army helping to sort and distribute food donated from the San Antonio Food Bank to the community's needy.  


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The Women Veterans of San Antonio attends Veterans Resource Fairs throughout the year all over San Antonio and the surrounding communities like New Braunfels, Lytle, San Marcos, and Converse. 

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